Macular Degeneration

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #81

Puddles of black reach across my sight
First the left eye, then the right
After the struggles and the fight
Each day becomes eternal night

When seeing matters less and less
Blindness is no longer bleakness
No more contrast, no more starkness
We grow accustomed to the darkness


15 thoughts on “Macular Degeneration

  1. How well you have articulated this sad condition. My dad had macular degeneration and he loved to read he newspaper and watch TV. But that was all taken from him when he was older and could have used the distraction most. Thank you Von for reminding me just how sad that was for him.

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    1. Thank you Indira. “What is so” is to be befriended. Helen Kellers life is wonderful inspiration for the human tendancy to say, “Woe is me.” Self-pity is a waste of the greatest gift – Life.


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