Some Assembly Required – Love/Hate Amazon

For Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my blessings; I love to list my favorite things, what makes them thank-worthy, and what little disappointments that come with them. For example, I love Amazon.  I have bought all sorts of things I needed and some that I just wanted.  One disappointment:  assembly instructions.  My frugal self lovesContinue reading “Some Assembly Required – Love/Hate Amazon”

Smart-phones Trigger 30+% Increase in Teen Suicide

12/1/17  A ten-year-old Colorado girl hanged herself after a video of her was posted online. A group of researchers, in Clinical Psychological Science showed the drastic impact of smartphones on teen mental health.  Between 2010 – 2015 among 13 – 18-year-olds Depression increased 33% Teen suicide attempts increased 23% Suicide jumped 31%.  What changed?  TheContinue reading “Smart-phones Trigger 30+% Increase in Teen Suicide”

Media Magnifying Glass – More Like a Fun-House Mirror

Disasters, accidents, violent events, novelties, and scandals sell news.  Human nature compels us to gawk when we drive past an auto accident.  Danger, violence, and death attract us.  We “try on” the situation as if it is happening to us.  If our imagination is vivid enough, we experience what we see.  Our adrenal glands secreteContinue reading “Media Magnifying Glass – More Like a Fun-House Mirror”

Pain Patients on Streets of Death – CDC/DEA 25% Opioid Cut

This week, in the Federal Register, the DEA announced 20-25% reduction of quotas for 2018, legal, U.S. opioid production.   (2017 Quotas:  2018 Quotas: This, along with ill-advised CDC pressure on ethical pain doctors is pushing legitimate pain patients to seek pain relief on the black market.  I am lucky, my doctors have notContinue reading “Pain Patients on Streets of Death – CDC/DEA 25% Opioid Cut”

People “of Politics” Underestimate Trump

The underdog populist, Donald Trump enlists seasoned veterans of the establishment for his insurgency.  Do not underestimate the “swamp-power” behind his crusade. The British underestimated George Washington, who was a veteran officer of the British forces that fought the French and Indian War.  He attracted a cadre of experienced men, and the support of Lafayette.Continue reading “People “of Politics” Underestimate Trump”

Virtual Fahrenheit 451 – No Part of History Is Good Enough

“Fahrenheit 451 – the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns…”. In Ray Bradbury’s prescient 1953 novel, the government made the past illegal. Guy Montag is a “fireman” employed to burn the possessions of those who read outlawed books.  They even had book-sniffing robots to find homes with hidden books. When Guy becomes despondentContinue reading “Virtual Fahrenheit 451 – No Part of History Is Good Enough”