summer poetry contest




Spotlights reaching up to glare
Upon the wire as I prepare
To walk the heights alone

Faces looking up to see
Are lost in dark and light to me
Save one too clearly seen

Roxanne sits in somber black
Chastely watching my attack
On yawning empty air

Step by step I cross the space
Thinking only of her face
And caring nought for death



hills, rippling
mountains, slow waves,
towards shore.

great plains

smooth, placid
mirror pools green
brown plains flow


island lakes
danger, land waves,
progress looms

rocky mtns

whiteness pounding
through blue-sky-clouds


great creatures,
under surface
roiling ripples


sere swirling
wakes of Titans
chaos sculptures

wait in hope
to hear one note
ever’s music


chance to see
mountains move,
stars dance one step


Who will lead the poor blind guide?
Who carried many through the night
While giving comfort deep inside
She fought the darkness, reached for light.

And now her blinded eyes still brave
With stumbles finds the roles recast
As now she seeks herself to save
Without the light that lit her past.


How heavy is your empty shell to those who bear you home?
Without the spark which from you fell it’s just another tomb.
Others still don’t realize that what is missing from your eyes
did leap upon the universe, did leave the mortal flesh’s curse
to join, to change, the course of time, not to rot in worms and slime.
I sing a song of joy rejoicing, not listening to the voices voicing
shallow consolations.


Lady won’t you listen, I’d like a chance to talk.
You ask me what I want, I’d like to take a walk.

A Japanese garden could celebrate the peace
With winding hidden paths surrounded by the trees.

Resurrected blossoms still tantalize the air
With subtle fragrant hints designed to make you care.

The crumbled leaves are herbal with promises to heal
The deepest tearful scars you hesitate to feel.

Lady won’t you take me and hold me in your heart.
Close your eyes and hold me until our spirits part.


You want to be loved by someone you love, and you find out how seldom it works.

It’s always you or they who loves more, when passion’s sweet nova subsides.

And love is a word to describe many words, which describe well so many feelings.

But what can you do when the flood recedes from the banks of just one of your rivers?

Anniversary Morning

As she stirs the mists of dreams still swirl in half-lit memories of happy times not many months gone by.

She smiles as thoughts of awkward words and gestures of their meeting now return to her with colors, touch, and sounds.

The times together, growing closer, joining hands to walk and talk of dreams and having children of her own.

She turns to grasp her pillow with the rush of plans and invitations streaming through remembrances so clear.

An almost funny tension passes briefly ’cross her eyes and lips remembering the daze and haze of white, and noise, and cake.

The packing, shopping, driving, flying, moving weeks come back so clearly with the fun of facing new horizons.

The tender thoughts and words along with gentle touches sharing so completely what had never been before.

The fights and tears, the silent sulking empty days and nights which claimed her heart despite her vows and promises of love.

She turns again to nearly wake recalling doubts and fears she felt as hollow echoes sounded out her inner need for love.

A dreaming smile upon her lips recalls the strength with which she faced the trials of her first venture into life with her first love.

Just as she begins to fade still further into dreams, the morning sun breaks though her window to begin the second year.

Anthology of 6-Word Stories – Vol I

1. When Daniel spoke, Claire never listened
2. Jim was freezing, lit his diploma
3. “I want to keep the baby.”
4. Tim beat Sandra one last time
5. “I’m sorry, love,” Beth believed him
6. Baby’s wet and crying, mother OD’d
7. Fred ran outside, love was nowhere
8. After three days, Richard stayed dead
9. No one read the suicide note
10. Hannah kept ashes, ghosts of love
11. “happily ever after,” written in blood
12. William died seeking life’s true meaning
13. Stella stopped talking, she was alone
14. Out of gas, no more running
15. Finally returned home, house was empty
16. Just one look, they were connected
17. After thirty years, Stanley felt love
18. Winning the lottery ruined their lives
19. No bear bag, the bears came
20. Their empty canoe was discovered downstream
21. Richard’s gone, flag and medals remain
22. Woke up in jail, wearing pajamas
23. If Bernie had taken meds today
24. They looked up, the meteor fell
25. Nobody believed Cassandra, the aliens won

Anthology of 6-Word Stories – Vol II

1. His stage name was Bryan Black

2. Under the dust lay Zane’s badge

3. Six dead; blood blurred Kirk’s vision

4. Karen smiled at her recovered diamonds.

5. “Not just business, this is personal.”

6. Their snowed-in encampment, Radson’s white parachute

7. “Cane couldn’t have survived that devastation.”

8. “Maria again,” Hank forgot the pain

9. Marriage, children behind; Nepal up ahead

10. Myron swore, “No more murdered children.”

11. Fungus from the comet was spreading

12. Brady Atkins: invisible but not immortal

13. Sheila swore, “ Valdez will die slowly.”

14. Neil‘s leg wasn’t his worst loss

15. Teinuk knew this abandoned baby’s fate

16. Casandra didn’t need luck this time

17. Linda’s look of recognition shocked Mason

18. The room’s dim lights flickered out

19. Raymond had been dead forty days

20. “The last biscuit in the raft?!”

21. “You’re not the Travis I raised.”

22. Wanda couldn’t stop the vivid dreams

23. “Allen, the wrong son didn’t die!”

24. “This oasis had better be real.”

25. Quentin never lost a race before.

26. Leo smiled back at Vlad’s girlfriend.

Anthology of 6-Word Stories – Vol III

1. Rick curses; “sand in all directions”
2. Goff was afraid; Clarise was smiling
3. “Something’s wrong with the time machine!”
4. Captive Christians prayed to their God
5. Divers found the missing girl’s bicycle
6. He remembered her as a baby
7. David never saw that look before
8. “Too much water; choose another planet”
9. The restaurant emptied; Nick looked around
10. The baby saw the towers fall
11. Harold’s balloon hung over the crater
12. Walter’s device was working perfectly yesterday
13. Warm blood drops wet Sharon’s cheek
14. “Where’s the translator!?” sergeant Phillps swore
15. “The killer is on this ship.”
16. The serum was Chris’s only chance.
17. Bullets bounced off as Victor advanced
18. Twenty-six years didn’t lessen their love
19. Secret Police; they had to jump
20. The water, the woman, the gold
21. Fiona caught Randy’s thoughts from Arizona
22. Grace saw Barker kill the informant
23. The meteorite’s deep crater glowed blue
24. Let’s split up; cover more ground
25. Troy found the alien’s shed skin


the more we say we’re different
the more we are the same
the more we say we’re absent
the more we play the game

as long as we aren’t biting
as long as we’re exciting
as long as we aren’t fighting
as long as we are writing

the less we say we’re separate
the less we don’t initiate
the less we say we’re desperate
the less we differentiate

how can we be so desolate
how can we not atone
how can we really isolate
how can we be alone

we all are social creatures
we all have learned to speak
we all have learned from teachers
we all have lives to seek