Love Blinds Avid Fans of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s greatest supporters claim she is “the most qualified candidate for president since George Washington.”  I beg your pardon?

George Washington was chosen by acclamation; rightly so in that he led the colonies to victory over the greatest military force in the world. He was a highly principled man, who pandered to no one. He was a successful wealthy businessman.  He managed the most excruciating period in our early history.

The president who stands out in most American’s minds is Abraham Lincoln, a man with few credentials, who managed the most excruciating period in all of our nation’s history.

Franklin D. Roosevelt defied his social class to lead the nation through the worst combined experience in the last century.

How does she compare to true greatness?  I fail to see the scale on which Hillary Clinton comes anywhere near these giants of our nation.  Hillary Clinton’s glowing qualities must not be obvious to everyone in that Bernie Sanders has trounced her in primary after primary.  When I read among the accolades to Hillary Clinton, “eight years as First Lady,” I just have to wag my head.  What does being First Lady have to do with being President?  Am I missing something here?

I am also still searching for concrete evidence of her brilliant accomplishments during “four years as Secretary of State.” Various supporters and critics have recounted and slanted her role in strengthening our position in the world. How should we examine her specific impact on world events and relations in the middle of a global financial crisis?  How should we attribute Putin’s disregard of US power as he brashly grabbed strategic dominance of Ukraine?  How should we judge the Iran nuclear agreement that gives them only 8 more years to wait before they openly pursue their quest for “the bomb?”  No one has suggested that she was the best Secretary of State in our nation’s history.

Which other presidents rose from cabinet positions to president?  Eight; the most recent was Herbert Hoover who was Secretary of Commerce from 1921 to 1928.  James Buchanan was the last Secretary of State (1845 to 1849) to later become president.  Unfortunately, his presidency was a disaster, failing to avert the Civil War; he is ranked last (41 of 41) in leadership as president.

Avid, loyal, adoring fans of Hillary Clinton will never diminish their love for her. Proclamations by lovers seldom paint objective pictures of the beloved.