feels like an earthquake
shakes her in a whole new way
Mr. Right loves her


Freedom of Belief for the Red Hen (sorry, I just couldn’t resist addressing silliness, or using 5 double consonants)

The growing conflict between partisans in the US has intensified to more than disagreement.

The Red Hen owner’s labeling of a member of the White House staff as rejectionable, is tantamount to political racism. Refusing to serve a peaceful citizen on political grounds is the kind of segregation our southern states applied to black people; Germany used similar tactics to separate, vilify, and exterminate people who were “other.” How can the courts permit such discrimination?

This restaurant has taken a particular moral/political stand akin to Chick-fil-A. To allow it to continue to operate, with judicial support, the court must require consistency; they can start with clear and strong demonstrations of their political beliefs to all patrons.

First, the judge would order them to change their name from “Red” to “Blue,” thus making a clear declaration that any Republicans or their supporters will not be allowed. Next, the judge needs to order the additional change from “Hen” to the more inclusive, gender-neutral “Poultry,” to reflect the Democratic Party’s platform. The adjustment to “Blue Poultry” should be supported by a federal government subsidy of $10 million, paid in installments over 5 years.

The judge should order that any changes in menu items, prices, or descriptions must be pre-approved by the court after screening for existing, objectionable, partisan, or cultural slurs or innuendos, to give patrons a clearly semi-secular dining experience. All employees must declare their political allegiance to remain employed, so as to avoid ”leaks” & possible soup sabotage.

The restaurant valet service needs to be upgraded to a TSA level security service. They should, screen for Independents who might be infiltrating the clientele. They can skip taking off shoes, and the more draconian measures of the airport. Cars with license plates from any state that Trump won must be turned away, except rental cars from regional airports.

Bank cards must be identified by the state of origin and the proclivities of their board members and executives. Those who clear these hurdles should then be vetted to identify evangelicals and truck drivers, and any other deplorables for which they can screen.

The judge must take care with treatment of civil servants who have served through any Republican administration. Anyone above G-8 should be vetted. They can bypass the more rigorous examinations by swearing an oath to support the Democrats in every aspect of their confusing belief system, whatever it happens to be that week. Bernie Sanders and his socialists should likewise be refused for being too extreme compared to Hillary. Any night the Clintons are there will automatically be “Ladies Night.”