The Divided States of America?

America is an idea; a concept; an agreement; a contract; not a structure; not separate from its citizens; not invincible; not divine.  America is the sum of us; e pluribus unum; one nation; under God; a work in progress. Now, our unity is deeply wounded; the cut is painful; we blame each other; we separate;Continue reading “The Divided States of America?”

Guns As Deterrents – Why Armed Guards?

Why are guards armed?  Something valuable must be vulnerable to criminals with weapons.  Otherwise, why have guards at all?  Armed Americans see themselves as guardians of their families.  Property, not so much.  Stuff can be replaced, not loved ones. The Clinton campaign and the allied media have set bear traps with hair triggers; mention gunsContinue reading “Guns As Deterrents – Why Armed Guards?”

When Words Equal Sticks & Stones

Vile epithets, invectives, slurs, and castigations tossed into a basket.  Deplorable.  All those glass houses, shattered.  The best part of a nation thrown back to sticks-and-stones, schoolyard name-calling.  Those words may come to haunt us when those who feel reviled show up to vote down the bullies.  Voters are citizens and people.  Politicians can haveContinue reading “When Words Equal Sticks & Stones”

Hillary’s “Health Issues” Might Have Been Better Managed

At the time of Hillary Clinton’s departure from the 9/11 ceremony, the temperature in Manhattan was 79 degrees with 54% humidity, & wind 6-8mph.  The Government Heat Index for those conditions is 80 degrees.  90 minutes would not cause dehydration, though it might aggravate existing dehydration. Mrs. Clinton’s complaints of overheating, and the subsequent difficultiesContinue reading “Hillary’s “Health Issues” Might Have Been Better Managed”

Who Examines Presidents? – Whoever They Choose

  Americans deserve and need to know the health of our President, and our Vice-President; but we do not. That is right:  There is no impartial national medical team for our country’s top executives, or those who seek those positions.  Each president and vice-president picks their own doctors, and decides what medical information they disclose. Continue reading “Who Examines Presidents? – Whoever They Choose”

Press Magnet – Postive & Negative

I have never seen a person draw so much negative press as Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign.  Anyone who wants and article to draw “hits” will just put “Trump” in the title.  He is a lightning rod for every fear traditional politicians can imagine.  He is like an extraterrestrial to the powers-that-be. TheContinue reading “Press Magnet – Postive & Negative”

Warnings in the News

Warnings in the News The Great Recession has lasted so long that people do not remember inflation.  But, three recent statements, one from the meeting of the world’s central bankers, and two from the G20 Summit in China, ring the alarm bells warning us that inflation is on the way: August 28, 2016 – JACKSONContinue reading “Warnings in the News”

New York Times Silly Defense of Hillary

I woke up this morning to a silly, unchallenged report of Hillary Clinton’s email issues published by the New York Times.  I would have used the terms “inane” or “preposterous” in place of “silly,” but that would have required a higher Lexile level.  Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. NeitherContinue reading “New York Times Silly Defense of Hillary”