A.C.A. “Obamacare” Revisited – Employers & Government Set to Ream the Middle Class Worker

(For a detailed explanation of the ACA and its features go to: http://www.tdi.texas.gov/pubs/consumer/cb005.html The Affordable Care Act has had its share of glitches and detours.  The technical problems can be addressed. We tried to “keep our eyes on the ball” but they fooled us.  They showed us the wrong ball and we fell for it. Continue reading “A.C.A. “Obamacare” Revisited – Employers & Government Set to Ream the Middle Class Worker”

False Hope Is Far Worse Than No Hope

What is wrong with hope?  We know that in an impossible situation where the outcome is unknowable, hope can keep us in that situation long enough to triumph or despair.  The problem comes when hope is not accompanied by action.  When things look hopeless, we either give up or fight on with everything we have. Continue reading “False Hope Is Far Worse Than No Hope”

Why Do We Favor Married People?

As the US erases marriage law distinctions, they expose another enormous layer of inequality:  the difference in treatment and taxation of married and unmarried Americans. Every argument the alternate sexual orientation community has used to demand rights and privileges equal to traditional heterosexual marriage must apply to the legal status of the unmarried.  How canContinue reading “Why Do We Favor Married People?”

Raising the U. S. Minimum Wage in a Lower-Wage World

What are we Americans and our elected politicians thinking?  The real minimum wage is zero for many Americans who cannot find a job at all. At this tenuous stage of our economic recovery, raising the federal minimum wage would only make businesses more prone to raise prices, to put greater work responsibilities on fewer employees,Continue reading “Raising the U. S. Minimum Wage in a Lower-Wage World”

BBC Takes the “Im-” Out of “Immigrant”

Recently, the BBC has shown definite class by having its news reporters use the word “migrant” to describe people from other countries who are not citizens. The American media, sadly, continues to use confusing and inaccurate terms (undocumented worker, illegal immigrant, etc.) to disguise their disdain for immigration law and policy.