The Revolution Is Here – Take It To Heart

In every revolution, the “intelligentsia,”are swept aside.  They represent an entrenched notion of superiority and upper class that would keep change within their purview for ever. They call anyone who is not aligned with them “ignorant.” But Americans have developed a different model of “knowing” called “trending.” Ignorance is what?  What does a person haveContinue reading “The Revolution Is Here – Take It To Heart”

The Least of Evils – How Did We Get Here?

I believe in watching, reading, and listening to people with whom I differ, even people who label me through prejudice, ignorance, or laziness.  It helps me understand their thinking, and I can learn a great deal from them.  I do not have to agree with alternate world views, religious beliefs, xenophobia, or virulent attacks onContinue reading “The Least of Evils – How Did We Get Here?”

Problems Equal Power – Solutions Subtract

Have you noticed how much time and blather are lavished on inventing and enlarging problems, blaming, and shaming the “other” for causing, maintaining, expanding and taking advantage of problems?  Have you paid attention to how little or no time is invested in compassionate, cooperative, thoughtful, creative ideas?  Have you noticed how little time is spentContinue reading “Problems Equal Power – Solutions Subtract”

Which Candidate is the Least of Evils? – Reality Shows No Mercy

Unfortunate.  That is my read on prospects for our country, no matter which of the TV characters we elect this year.  We are exhausted and wounded by the last eight years of economic and political warfare.  We have endured failed and flawed laws, and created too many burdened and impoverished families.  Pain is the current drivingContinue reading “Which Candidate is the Least of Evils? – Reality Shows No Mercy”

Mental Health Parity – Who Will Make It So?

Sure, Obamacare was supposed to raise the level of care for mental health to the level of physical health.  Sure, President Obama declared a $500 million increase in federal spending for mental health issues.  And……..?   That equals $1.56 per capita.  The states are decreasing their spending on mental health faster than that every year. ThoseContinue reading “Mental Health Parity – Who Will Make It So?”