Victoria – Part III. Four Years Ago

Years pass by quickly
Like flipping magazine pages
Sometimes barely read

Twenty-six years
She was still living in my heart
No room for others

I honestly tried
Wonderful worthy women
I would not marry

Then I got a call
From the one I thought was dead
Yes, Victoria

After all these years
God decided to send her back
In a nun’s habit

We met for dinner
She needed a marriage annulment
The Church required it.

When I looked at her
I felt the strong flow of love
Like no time had passed

I did not tell her
She was committed to God
Married to Jesus

But then she told me
Her love for me had never stopped
Her heart was open

If I wanted her
She would leave the sisterhood
To resume our love

We married again
With all the Church’s blessings
Jesus gave her back

She stirs me to love
We exist in together
We breathe each other

When I hold her close
I feel a flow between us
She makes my love real

We prefer to say
Our divorce didn’t work out.
Love is forever