Lonely sailors see
What they wish yet cannot have
Dreaming or awake

11 thoughts on “Sailors

  1. I can imagine being a sailor at sea for a long time would bring on such vivid dreams. Wonderful haiku, perfect for the photo prompt Von. Thank you.

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    1. The British Navy gave each sailor about 2.4 ounces of 96 proof rum daily at noon, diluted with 5 ounces of water (grog). This practice ended in 1970. (

      Interesting note: How does that song go? “15 men on the dead man’s chest, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum” from the book Treasure Island, based on a story that Blackbeard stranded a mutinous crew on a desolate island Dead Man’s Chest. He gave each man a cutlass and a bottle of rum, no food or water, expecting they would kill each other. When he came back 30 days later, 15 were still alive. (

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