I heard a flutter
I began to raise my eyes and hand
Surprised I saw a jay land lightly on my finger
Its sudden touch sent brilliant hues throughout me
Cladding me with pluming silvered pinioned dreams
My feathered wings began to sprout and grow and stretch
I heard a silent silken siren voice singing “come with me”
My colors brightened glowing strong and cool
I felt an inner lightness growing in my soul
The jay smiled and spread wide it’s wings
To launch to urge me from my earthly nest
Now floating soaring without conscious thought
Ascending higher upwards towards heaven’s giddy realms
Revealing more and showing how to see the world to its horizons
With each wing-beat a thousand others joined our shining flock
To form a bright summer cloud of spirit-loving hearts
Each becoming one more ardent with intent
To find another unhatched soul
To hear a flutter

Response to Helene Willow’ “What do you see?” https://helenevaillant.com/2019/02/05/what-do-you-see-feb-5-2019/


14 thoughts on “Flutter

  1. Astounding poem Von. I flew to great heights of Soul reading your spirit felt words. Beautiful journey, may we continue to fly, spread our wings, taking in more and more willing ones into our circle.

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  2. Reblogged this on Willow Poetry and commented:
    Von Smith’s inspiring poem. I am ever so grateful to Von’s response for my new Site Header. I invite you all mighty souls to come join our flock. Thank you Von. This poem meant so much to me.

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    1. You are always kind. I would love to talk with you about choosing pictures to go with my poems in some books and calendars. I have written about 4,500 haiku since a year ago today.


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