Hide & Seek

Almost gotcha!  (Giggle, peek)

I always lose at hide & seek.

Behind the bushes!  (rustle, run)

I almost caught my foxy son.

Between the shadows!  (crouch ‘n stare)

I thought I saw his rumpled hair.

I’m the pirate!  (hold your breath)

Who brings you fifteen-second death.

Or I’m the soldier! (Stand real still)

With knives, and guns and things that kill.

Or savage injun! (Crawl ‘n creep)

Who seeks to scalp you in your sleep.

But somehow every time we play,

You always seem to get away.

But you enjoy it.  (Kiss my cheek)

You always win at hide & seek.

4 thoughts on “Hide & Seek

      1. He is such a great man and son. I never felt like I was always there for him, but he turned out better than I have. Not every man has a William & Mary Phi Beta Kappa son, who is a Bosnia vet, and edits an international finance newsletter. He is also good to his Mom, (my first wife)

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