Grammy Spammy – Political Entertainers Hijack TV

You may have thought late-night talk-show monologues, NFL kneel-downs, and Golden Globes “protests” were political, until you watched the Grammys. The Oscars have been the leader in this “ambush” category until lately. Things have gotten so blatant, since 2016, that it seems right for the “equal time” rules to kick in.  Social Media are already “balanced,” in that, anyone can tweet a hashtag.

But television is a one-way communication to everyone in the world who has reception.  Thank goodness, we are not still in the age of three networks.  With few exceptions, a viewer can choose not to watch entertainment that morphs into Wizard of Oz, political witches.  Those exceptions are what we see, lately.

These zealots do not care that half of America does not share the political views of many celebrities.  The NFL is paying the price that other “captive audience” events may soon face.  The same thing that makes possible this not-so-sly campaigning may also be the vaccine needed to inoculate the consumers of education from such slime.  Consumers have enough choices to cauterize shows that offend.

Will I ever watch the Golden Globes, Grammys, or the Oscars again?  Unlikely.  This “Trojan Horse” tactic will surely cut in half, the willing audiences for those shows that wax politic.  The FCC should regulate these “cheap shots,” “sucker-punches,” and other unsolicited “dumps” of partisanship like any other political advertising.  At least give us a warning, like the TV ratings.  Maybe “P”’ for, “this presentation may contain blatantly political views that may offend viewers.”

Do we need two, three, or thirty-one “networks” to demark the viewpoints?  I find myself choosing fiction over “fact” when clicking a show that falls off the sides of my TV politically.  I wish I had “right” and “left” labels or filters to keep me from wasting my time on propaganda.


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