Eclipse of the Blue Moon

Blue-moon eclipses

Events beyond my lifetime

In all directions


Humble, once again

Darwinian pride aside

Saved from our conceit


“Top-of- the-food-chain”

Everything of value ours

Time orbits around “us”


Nothing else matters

No shame in being human

But does it help us?


The climate changes

What will “global-warming” do?

Good for dinosaurs?


Or a new ice age?

We know the earth will survive

Even without us.


We are self-centered

In denial of our fate,

We refuse to bow


We just wail and whine

Shaking our fists at heaven

Cursing in our fear


Yes, we want to live

Our genes do not give choices

Beyond survival


At the ocean’s edge

Bare toes in the cool wet sand

The air full of salt


The eclipse passes

The sky surrenders the night

Sunrise meets Moonset