Golden Globes Not About Movies – Black Is the New Black

The show was mostly fun.  Seth is a funny, funny guy.  Advertisers put their money where the eyes are.  The awards look so much like over-sized microphones, I half-way expected some of the award winners to speak into them.  It must have been a safe zone, marked with empty-upside-down-in-the-ice-bucket Moet bottles, untouched deserts, and many, camera-sensitive, serious smiles.

They tested my fashion sense, and I failed again.  Am I sexist to say women’s hair and faces stole the show?  The black dresses left little else to judge, at least on my computer screen.  When they grouped together, it looked like a display of detached heads at a wax museum.

The thinly varnished politics sustained my faith in “Hollywood,” a collective euphemism for anything entertainment, wherever.  “Hollowood” would be apropos.  Here is a riddle, how many narcissists can you put in one room?

What do men do when they acquire power?  Get more; more power, more fame, more money, more “toys” & more women, pretty much, in that order.  Women who rely on powerful men have been the first to discover this.  In the past, women just put up with them, or artfully dodged them.  Those who succumbed in hopes of advancing their careers were often disappointed.  A woman knew she had succeeded when she no longer felt the need to comply with the extortion.  The show justified and celebrated the maelstrom around the righteous insurrection of women.

The Golden Globe show featured women who survived the gauntlet of sexism, groping, and casting couches strewn along the paths to stardom.  No weak sisters, these.

There was irony when Oprah Winfrey accepted the Cecil B Demille award, as he was a staunch, lifelong, conservative Republican, as well as the founder of film.