Electoral College – Designed Like Congress

Our form of government is a democratic republic.  Each state selects people to represent them in the federal government.  Why is our Congress designed like it is? Balance of power? Diversity of points of view? Love of chaos?

Representing 50 sovereign states, a few protectorates, and Washington DC, we have 435 Representatives, each representing districts based on population; which of these jurisdictions is ready to succumb to the others?  We have 100 Senators, each representing ½ of one state. No state has an advantage in the Senate.  How would the smallest states feel about surrendering their rights to bigger states?

Each state has a specific limited number of electoral votes, regardless of the percentage of voters who voted in that state.

Why did the designers of our constitution do this?  In designing the democratic republic of the United States of America, they were wary of a strict national democracy.   It seems that the original states, (as do the current states) varied significantly, in population; those smaller states did not want the most populous states to dominate them just because they had more people.  The smaller states wanted a federal “equalizer” to protect them from bullies.  Did the founding fathers fail in this judgement?  A look at the political map of the world yields many ways of governing:  dictatorships, juntas, warlords, monarchies, theocracies, oligarchies, communists, many, messy, parliamentary, mishmashes, and zero strict democracies

Where is the successful model to support the current wailing for pure democracy?  If pure democracy is the correct approach, then why not abolish Congress and govern by hourly votes on whatever comes up?  Do we want to preserve state sovereignty in this federation, or do we want to be controlled by the whims and wishes of a moody, misinformed, impulsive public, or the 11 states with the majority of the population?

California 39,144,818
Texas 27,469,114
Florida 20,271,272
New York 19,795,791
Illinois 12,859,995
Pennsylvania 12,802,503
Ohio 11,613,423
Georgia 10,214,860
North Carolina 10,042,802
Michigan 9,922,576
New Jersey 8,958,013

Theoretically, these eleven states have most our population.

California 25,278,803
Texas 17,514,961
Florida 14,601,373
New York 13,693,128
Pennsylvania 9,737,690
Illinois 8,983,758
Ohio 8,753,269
Michigan 7,431,589
North Carolina 7,317,507
Georgia 6,958,725

These 10 states have most eligible voters in the USA

Where would that leave the other 39 – 40 states?  Pretty much at the mercy of 20% of the 50 states.  I think the majority of states would rather not surrender control to the big states.

If the popular vote would determine everything, why have states?  Why not constant referenda on every topic that arose?

Why not play by the rules we have and see what happens?