We Americans Are Suckers for More – It Does Not Matter If We Have No Evidence

Every time I think we have learned all the tricks politicians can use to magically “fix” problems with more government, we fall for another trick.

If you pay good money to gain admission to a magic show, you pay for illusions; you insist on being amazed by apparent lapse of the rules of nature; you yearn for certain laws of the universe to be suspended or repealed.  But then you leave the tent, make your way home, and find that physics and gravity persist.

However, if we are convinced of our beliefs and persuasions, a claim of “new and improved,” continues to work on our commercial-conditioned minds.

Are you mad about the economy?  Forget the promises to mend the future.

And guess what?  All this time, the answers to the problems that have infuriated us have waited in the hearts of the next candidate.  Pay no mind that the incumbent told us to have faith, be hopeful, to fear not.

Should we not be alarmed when told to “hold the course,” while we fix the problems caused by the “course?”

It is clearer and clearer to me why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have risen to smite the “Pharisees” of both political sects:  Americans are exhausted by a river of blatant lies.

We are fed up with smiles that promise relief, but portend more pain.  We are cheering and voting for “you can keep your doctor” then sobbing at the higher costs, and the evaporating choices we face. We are livid at fairy tales that we can borrow the ransom to redeem our children from poverty through college.  We are incensed at proclamations of higher employment when our diets grow meager, and our prospects grow dimmer.

The old guard’s grasp for power may well be their undoing.  Their elite pretense of empathy may lead the plebeians to throw off the chains of their indentures.  The smugness of avarice, and the pleasance of entitlement can breach the comity of our unique American social contract.  The American promises to promote equity of opportunity, and commitment to liberty have been a bold experiment.  Our failure could prove to the rest of the world that there is no truth to our declaration of “unalienable rights” and “pursuit of happiness.”


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