Uncontrolled Knives Threaten Us

The stabbings of 22 college students in Pennsylvania should open our eyes to the dangers of knives to our lives.  With more than a billion unregistered knives in the hands of Americans, now is the time to end this obvious threat to our safety and the safety of our children.  Are we willing to wait until the recent events in Israel become everyday events here in the USA?  I say we cannot; we must act today to safeguard our leadership in the world.  Who would respect us if we let knives destroy the American Dream?

Those who cry out for mental health priorities can wait, but life-threatening knives will not.  Why do we need knives anyway?  Americans have hands and fingers.  We can pick up our food, bite through paper and rope, and rip through the theft-proof plastic armor on the things we buy.  We are not weak, helpless people; we are strong, child-loving, god-fearing patriots who would gladly surrender the tools of mayhem to insure the future of a completely risk-free nation, which our government can surely provide, given the right amount of power and money.

How many episodes of, admittedly crazed and unpredictable atrocities are we willing to tolerate?

No family should be allowed to have more than one, sharp-edged tool, per family member; surely 3.5 inches is long enough for any lawful use.

A national knife registry is the only way to assure that weapons this dangerous are closely guarded and kept under lock when not needed to eat steak, or prepare vegetables.  Serrated edges are a deadly luxury that could allow a disturbed high school student to slice his internet bullies into ragged piles of lifeless flesh.  No more lax attitudes toward edged implements.  Contact your government representative today and demand action.


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