The Congressional Record – Does It Hold Evidence of Illegal Access to IRS Records, or Just Graceless Gossip & Shameless Slander?

Time will show us whether the Senate majority leader is involved in a felony or just public disgrace and dishonor?  Is Nancy Pelosi, by her recent affirming statements, involved too?

Is paying what one legally owes in taxes a sin, a foul deed?  Isn’t it the IRS’s job to be sure that taxes are properly filed and paid?  The IRS seems satisfied that nothing is amiss.

Isn’t it a felony to unlawfully probe the IRS records to see what a taxpayer has reported? Last time I looked, taxes were a private matter between the taxpayer and the government.

Those elected to public office are required to provide specified details of their finances to avoid impropriety and conflicts of interest. As far as I know, all of the current candidates have provided all the information the law requires. Does anyone know of any violations?

Now shameless gossip is another thing, so it seems. Stating publicly what one purportedly heard from a second-hand, anonymous source is weak.  Saying such things to sully and defame the reputation and character of a political candidate sounds like cowardly slander to me.

After being labeled a liar in public, do you think Senator Harry Reid and his informant would withhold the proof?  Wouldn’t they find instant and perpetual fame, honor, and adulation among the faithful?

If the statements are verified, the information was gained illegally and the speaker is party to an unreported felony; if the statements are false, the speaker is dishonorable and guilty of slander.

“What are the elements of a cause of action for libel or slander?

The elements of a defamation suit; whether slander or libel, are:
1. A defamatory statement;
2. “Published” to a third party;
3. Which the speaker knew or should have known was false;
4. That causes injury to the subject of the communication”

What is the penalty for slander in Washington D.C.? Or is lying so endemic in the Senate that it is expected and accepted at its highest levels?  Maybe they are trying for the lowest possible score in the public opinion polls – zero.


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