Perceived Voter Repression? – Just Do It

Voting rights and participation are fundamental to our system of government.  Every eligible voter should have access to facilities that give them everything it takes to vote.

Of all the barriers to voting, proving you are a registered voter is the lowest hurdle to overcome.  Do you have a library card?  Do you drive?  Do you have a doctor?  Are you eligible for federal or state benefits?  Do you have a job?  Do you have a Social Security number?  Do you have a water bill?  Do you have a checking account?  Do you have a credit card?  Where are the people who have “none of the above?”  Once we know who they are, we can fix the problem.

If you think some voters will be repressed because they have to show proof of identity, do something besides complain.  Go get them proof.  Do it once, and it is done!

Who believes the advocates of voter participation are incapable of finding solutions to voter reluctance?

Why not publish a list on the internet of the voters or neighborhoods where the feared repressive requirements exist?  You could solicit money to pay any costs for their registration, identity proof acquisition, poll information, and transport to and from the polls. Give people a chance to contribute to solve the problem.

The money and time the complainers now spend on complaining and blocking voter registration requirements could pay for solutions for the voters they think would be too frightened to vote.

People who can, but do not want to solve problems, must receive benefits from keeping the problems unsolved.  People who want to solve problems find a way to make it happen.