The Suicide Bombers of the Tea Party

We decry the Islamic fundamentalists who kill themselves and their enemies in their fervor.  It seems that the recent actions by the ideologues of the Tea Party had the impact of political suicide bombers.  They were oblivious to the effect they created; they were surprised and undaunted when stock markets around the world plummeted to levels not seen since Obama’s election.  How did the Tea Party congress members become so dangerously naïve and callous?  The same way Islamic suicide bombers do; insulation from other ideas, constant indoctrination, dogmatic blindness, and the promise of glory.

Has anyone in Washington read our history?  In 1936-37, a waffling new president first cut taxes in a failed attempt to stimulate business, and then raised taxes to cover the resultant deficits.  The big banks, recently burned by failures and regulations that pushed them to make more loans, pulled back and kept their money in reserves, reducing the money supply and further stifling business.  The brisk recovery of 1936-37 stalled, and the economy fell back into depression.

Proponents and opponents of big government and social welfare should stop to think.  The right thing to do is not always the right thing to do right now.  The middle of a fragile, anemic economic recovery is not the time and place for reduced spending and increased taxes.

We do not need a political family feud and the resulting Pyrrhic victories.  We deserve better than that from our elected officials.

Whether you elected a stalwart, Tea Party, reactionary Republican, or a committed, progressive Democrat, pull back on the reins.  Ask them to hold back until the economy can handle the reforms we need to get back on track as a nation.  Urge them to find common ground rather than run aground.  Insist that they use that energy and intellect to build consensus, rather than political IEDs.