Public Education, Meet YouTube

If ever there were a time when knowledge lay fallow, it is now.  We have no excuse for less than superior teaching and learning at all levels.  Do we want educated people or school systems that do not work?

How about simple & cheap?

What would it take to video every teacher, teaching every class, on every subject, at every level, in every language?  E-texts, e-quizzes, e-e-e-e-e-e.

Podcasts, YouTube, whatever.  Darwinian principles would winnow the effective classes for each type of learning, and learner.

Education could have its own websites with the “.edu” suffix.  Some sites could charge for subscriptions or specific sessions, if they felt the need.

Once knowledge is freely available, taught by stellar instructors, whenever and wherever students are ready to learn, we have a new world of learning, and no excuses.